Cretanthos® ΒIO Early Harvest


We challenge you to taste Cretanthos® Olive Oil Super food and enjoy its rich texture, unique aroma and flavour, as well as our signature golden green colour with your beloved ones.
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Cretanthos® ΒIO Early Harvest

Cretanthos® Super food is Early Harvest organic Cretan olive oil of superior category, certified by the DIO Cretan ecological organisation and awarded for its excellent quality by many global organisations. At its heart, our product is very rich in polyphenols (an important antioxidant factor, beneficial to our health). We use the ‘Koroneiki’ variety due to its unique flavour and extra juicy taste. Our process is simple yet sophisticated.

The first fruit of the olive tree –the raw green olives– are ground by using the method of cold extraction and the olive oil is stored and preserved in stainless steel tanks with the use of the nitrogen system.

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